AVG Evolved The Future of Best AntiVirus 2019-20

AVG Evolved The Future of Best AntiVirus

AVG Evolved The Future of Best AntiVirus

AVG is one of the best antiviruses in the world, but as of Jan 10, We’re stand top ranks than ever. We’ve completely overhauled our antivirus software — inside and out — to deliver unparalleled protection against all manner of online and offline threats.

AVG Evolved The Future of Best AntiVirus All-New Look

AVG had rocked the same look for years. It was an admirable one—simple and intuitive—but had outlived its fashion prime to become a mullet among more modern interfaces.

Our designers, being designers, would not abide a mullet. So they rolled up their sleeves and spent many long days—and often nights—trying to marry beauty and functionality in a single, easy-to-use UI. And with the help of our many gifted user researchers and engineers, a completely new interface was born:

Old vs new avg internet security ui

It’s simple. It’s modern. And it makes it easier than ever to see exactly how you’re protected, because all our powerful features are now neatly organized into 5 layers of security, which we’ll look at below.

Better protection. 400 million users strong

AVG protects you better than ever before, because we now leverage the power of over 400 million users—more than the entire population of the United States!—to thwart even the newest, unclassified forms of malware.

How does this work? Basically, every AVG user acts as a sensor. Anytime one user encounters a potential unknown threat, we quickly analyze it, determine if it’s malicious, create a cure, and then push that cure out to all our millions of users. The end result? Better protection for everyone, without you ever having to lift a finger.

AVG users globe of world

AVG Evolved The Future of Best AntiVirus 5 layers of protection

Along with a few new goodies (see below), our award-winning security features are now found within 5 categories, clearly visible on the home screen. This layered approach to security creates additional barriers between you and the bad guys, and makes it much easier for you to monitor your defenses. If any layer is switched off or experiences a problem, you’ll see it straightaway, and we’ll tell you how to correct it.

Here’s each security layer in a nutshell:

  • Computer Protection: Our real-time protection crushes viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, and other forms nasty malware.
  • Web & Email Protection: We block any unsafe links, downloads, and email attachments you run into so you can enjoy your life online without worries.
  • Hacker Attacks Protection*: Our Enhanced Firewall works in the background to effortlessly bounce hackers who try to sneak onto your PC.
  • Private Data Protection*: Encrypt and hide your most private photos and files to prevent family, friends, and thieves from seeing what’s yours.
  • Payments Protection*: We block spam and help you avoid fake copycat websites to prevent you from accidentally giving your passwords or credit card numbers to the bad guys.

*Hacker Attacks Protection, Private Data Protection, and Payments Protection are features of our new Internet Security, but you can try them free for 30 days within AVG AntiVirus FREE.

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AVG Best Antivirus Features

  • Web browser protection
  • Anti-phishing
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for secure browsing
  • Automatic virus definition updates to keep software up-to-date
  • Heuristic analyses to detect new threats before a definition exists

New goodies we’ve baked in

In addition to beefing up our security engine and reorganizing our features, we’ve also expanded our scanning capabilities. One click of our “SCAN COMPUTER” button now quickly searches your computer for hidden malware and PC performance problems, as well as possible browser issues like unwanted toolbars and poorly rated search engines.

AVG Evolved The Future of Best AntiVirus How do I get it?

If you’re already using a previous version of AntiVirus FREE or Internet Security, we’ll push an automatic update out to you soon. Just wait for the notification on your computer, and then click to install the update.

Itching to try it now? Download and buy the new AVG Internet Security – Unlimited free for 30 days and experience the full protective power of AVG.

AVG Evolved: The Future of Best AntiVirus Protection

AVG Evolved The Future of Best AntiVirus Benifit

  • Doesn’t slow your computer
  • sIncludes links to paid-for components
  • Great virus protection
  • Irritating privacy setting