Why is AVG Anti Virus Free a Solid Antivirus Solution?


AVG Anti Virus Free is the free version of one of the best known antivirus software program out there. AVG has been on the security field for a very long time now, and it can be considered one of the top security providers for computers and mobiles. While many are interested in protecting themselves against all kinds of cyber attacks and threats, they’re not sure about spending money on something they don’t know if they would like.

AVG Anti Virus Free provides users the possibility of checking out some core features of the service and well having real time protection on their computers and mobiles. It’s totally up to the user if they want to upgrade to the paid version or stick with the free one. The free version is also updated regularly and has a set of features that are meant to attract users.

Let’s take a look.

  • There is a Scan Computer feature that will do just that, but in a complete fashion that will target issues coming from malware and threats as well as computer performance hinders. This will make sure that our system is both clean and running properly.
  • There is an additional feature called Deep Scan, which basically takes scanning even further and scans your PC through a longer and more thorough process.
  • The latest and improved user interface helps users quickly get around and seamlessly perform actions without getting bogged down in technical difficulties.
  • The client will mark downloads unsafe if it deems them so, so they won’t reach your PC before getting flagged.
  • Users get security updates for the software in real time, which is a very valuable asset as it keeps your system up to date and capable of handling any threat that might pop up online.

Regardless of what you decide, trying it out is free and this makes AVG Anti Virus Free a good choice for PC/computers and mobiles protection since you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

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